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The Recruitment of Maltese Translators at the EU - Part 5

We have previously seen how two of the institutions of the EU, namely the Commission and the Parliament, seem to disregard good administration in their recruitment policies. Both institutions have failed to safeguard fair and just procedures for all candidates, with staff already employed by an institution given precedence.

As things stand now, the Ombudsman will again have to investigate maladministration by those 2 institutions, namely the lack of transparency of the European Parliament (the non-publication of staff lists) and the recruitment of temporary agents by the European Commission after the publication of a reserve list.

During the past months, it was revealed that institutions of the EU are unwilling to disclose information which isn't sensitive at all. "Personal data can only be transferred under very strict conditions" was a phrase very often used. The investigation into the recruitment of officials and temporary agents wasn't restricted to the Commissio…

Daphne Caruana Galizia: the glorified blogger _ Part III

This will be the third and the last part discussing the bad side of Daphne Caruana Galizia. In the first two parts we have seen the humbug she used to post as a blogger on her blog as early as 2008. We have seen more than once that she was more of an online troll than an investigative journalist proclaimed today.

She only became a journalist investigating government corruption post-March 2013. It is beyond doubt that there was corruption under the Gonzi administration and that there would have been much to investigate for Daphne if she weren't so focused on the Opposition. After March 2013 she started criticizing all the misdeeds we started living in and are still experiencing today.

She did some good research and the snap election last year can be attributed to her work and determination. But what distinguished her from a professional journalist and a blogger with investigative skills were her personal attacks on politically exposed persons and people close to them.

Perhaps one of t…

The Recruitment of Maltese Translators at the EU - Part 4

Following the latest revelations regarding the European Commission in Part 3, Business Correspondence once again communicated:
Every person whose name was included on a reserve list (be it following an EPSO competition, Temporary Agent selection or Contract Agent selection) had the qualifications required in the announcement of the competition or selection concerned, otherwise they would not have been eligible. Let me also rectify a misunderstanding: a temporary agent is not promoted to probationary official. Probationary officials are selected from an EPSO competition reserve list. From the reserve lists it has at its disposal, the Maltese department fills the recruitment possibilities it has been allocated with the people whose profile best fits the needs of the department. If there has been any misunderstanding, this can be attributed to the lack of precise and exact communication from Business Correspondence. When questioned earlier regarding the sudden drop in temporary age…

The Recruitment of Maltese Translators at the EU - Part 3

Daphne Caruana Galizia: the glorified Blogger _ Part I

How long has it been new since Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination? Nearly 8 months I'm guessing. This news shook Malta and caused waves of uproar even abroad. Daphne Caruana Galizia (DCG) has received countless awards after her death. But did she really deserve them or was it merely bandwagon hopping by the European Parliament et al?

Granted, most foreigners probably had no idea who DCG was before her death. Malta is too small and irrelevant. We Maltese, however, have had the dubious honor of reading her blog for 10 years. To put things into perspective regarding this blogger, or apparently journalist, we have to go back to her first days in blogging, and yes it was blogging and not journalism.

These were her first blog posts back in March 2008, with the PN in government and ahead of a general election. Have a look at those posts and the shit she wrote:

In a bid at salvaging what’s left of his credibility, Alfred Sant raced down to Police Headquarters accompanied by the glo…